Wednesday, August 28, 2013

After Years of Silence

by Michelle Hammons

Jacob Hammons was diagnosed with a form of Autism called pervasive developmental disorder on his third birthday, January 13, 2003. The neurologist gave him and his family little hope and told them to plan on a lifetime of care. Jacob and his family literally traveled the United States searching for a cure. Jacob is currently receiving therapy at the Autism Treatment Center Therapy Clinic in Fort Worth.

Over the last several months we have had monumental changes in the Hammons household. After ten years of silence, our 13 year old son with autism, Jacob, has begun to communicate. Being able to speak is like breathing, it is something we take for granted. Just imagine the feeling of frustration an individual with autism must have with the weight of the world locked inside, longing for the key to expression.

Jacob shows us his heart daily through laughter, hugs, and his sweet smile, but being able to hear his thoughts is priceless. He is slowly revealing to us his love for others and life, how much he values the people around him, his faith in God, and the need to find a cure for autism. 

Jacob says, “Autism is terrible, but there is always hope…you just have to believe.” Even though he has not been able to communicate with us for the last 13 years, he has been reading, listening and soaking up everything around him…waiting patiently for the ability to be able to express himself. The following is a poem titled "For Needy Life" that Jacob wrote.

"For Needy Life"

Seems older than dirt (Autism gets old after a while)
We might start to hurt
Tow me now (To a home)
Older Than Old (Autism is Old)
Mere money aside (Cost of letting me live with them forever)
Need you by my side
Every night need you there
Relish time cared
In order to show
We're really poe ("Poe" is short for for poor...Everything I have needs money, cause Autism is expensive)
Need solstice each day
Need Autism to Go Away.


  1. We are so proud of you Jake...Love ya...Uncle Danny

  2. Merry Christmas Jacob! I am so impressed with your gift of writing given to you by God. His Son Jesus loves you so much, ask Him to help you express the wisdom you have inside on paper that you may be able to use that gift to encourage & comfort others. As you continue writing God will reveal to you many things, He loves you so much! I'm so proud of you! Shanda