Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Community Partners Making a Difference

"Hi, my name is Heather from XYZ Company, and we'd like to do an office fundraiser benefitting the Autism Treatment Center.  Would that be ok?"

"Of course! and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

These aren't everyday conversations, but when we get a call like this we are overjoyed!  We have received enough of these calls, however, that we decided we needed to develop a way to showcase these great people; and the Community Partners program was born.

ATC Community Partners are generous people, organizations, and businesses in our community who have seen a need and decided to take action by raising funds and awareness for the Autism Treatment Center.

While ATC receives State and Federal funding for many of the programs, there is a gap between the amount received and the actual costs of running a 24/7/365 program for children and adults with autism.  Funds and awareness raised by our Community Partners helps to bridge the gap.  Besides the funds and gifts received from our Partners, it's nice to know the community cares about what we do and those we serve!

Below are just a few of our amazing Community Partners.  Please visit our Community Partners Showcase page to learn about how these great people are helping at ATC!

Want to learn more about becoming a Partner?  Click HERE for info and ideas!

ATC Community Partners