Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Doing Good

Have you ever dropped a check in the mail to your favorite charity and immediately wondered just what your donation will do?

ATC receives donations of all sizes throughout the year. From $25 in honor of a loved one for general use, to hundreds of thousands towards establishing a new program. Here are just a few of the donor funded programs happening at ATC:

Tiger Cafe & Organic Garden
At one point, the culinary training program and horticulture program were stand-alone projects at ATC. Now, with the help of our donors the Tiger Cafe & Organic Garden are inseparable. Donations received from the Opus Foundation, Dallas Foundation, and Whole Foods Foundation helped get the ATC Garden up and running. The children and adults in the program are now involved in cultivating organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. The students in the Tiger Cafe Culinary Program use the fresh produce from the garden in the meals they prepare under the supervision of professional chefs in the ATC kitchen. Each program helps build confidence and independence in the children and adults participating, and it's fun. And the food is delicious!

ATC Therapy Clinics
Over the years ATC has received donations large and small to help open the Dallas and Fort Worth Therapy Clinics. The Clinics provide out-patient therapies to children and adults with autism in the community. T. Boone Pickens kicked things off by donating the funds to open the Dallas Clinic. ATC was able to expand the types of services offered and the number of individuals reached. Through a large gift received from the Amon Carter Foundation and from donations given through the Roundup for Autism, ATC was once again able to expand services and opened the Fort Worth Therapy Clinic. Essential therapy services are now available on both sides of the DFW metroplex!

ATC Residential Program
ATC owns 21 group homes in Dallas and San Antonio communities. From foundations to ceiling fans, ATC makes sure that these homes are the best they can be. With the help of generous donors in the community each home is as cozy and comfortable as you would want yours to be. Donations have been given to furnish homes, make necessary updates and repairs, provide recreational activities, and even decorate to individual styles. The children and adults in the Residential Program are grateful to those who have helped make these houses their "home sweet homes."

ATC Art Expressions
If you've ever attended the Roundup for Autism - Pegasus Ball, you may have noticed a collection of hand-painted art work among the silent & live auction items. These pieces are one-of-a-kind paintings from the students in the ATC Art Class. Throughout the year these students create paintings, pottery, sculptures, and more! Each student learns valuable skills along the way. Aside from getting to showcase their amazing creativity, the students learn techniques and work to fine-tune motor skills, and grow in confidence and independence. The art class has received in-kind donations to help stock their supplies, and the proceeds from art sales go right back into funding more projects. We hope to establish a gallery at the Center to make the art pieces available all year!

It's almost that time of year when everyone starts thinking of their year-end giving. Please consider ATC in your planning. Take a look at the programs on the ATC website and feel free to designate your donation, or make a donation to be used where needed most. We would not be able to do all that we do without the support of our kind donors!

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